Hi, thanks for stopping by!

First, let me take a moment to introduce myself . My name is Courtney Deeren and I am a writer. I’ve worked up to saying that about myself my whole life and now I want to broadcast it to the world. I’m an author, journalist, and all around creative writer (and thinker). I run a blog (Cakes and Mistakes), have several creative projects started, and have had my work published in my college’s student newspaper, The Stylus.

I did my undergraduate studies at SUNY Brockport. During my time at Brockport I grew and developed my own unique writer’s voice. During what I thought was my final year in college I joined The Stylus because, as a writer, I understood the importance of being published. The year I spent as a copy editor inspired me to pick up a minor in multimedia journalism to compliment my creative writing degree. It tacked on an extra year of college but that meant an extra year of working for the paper where I quickly climbed ranks, rounding out my tenure there as Managing Editor.

If it seems like I’m all over the map it’s because I am! My mind is always working and thinking about the next cool thing I can learn or do. I subscribe to the growth mindset and I understand the concept that we are never a fully finished picture. Anyone can see this in my work, from blogging to journalism to short stories and novels. I don’t like to stick with a particular genre or target age range. I just like to write about all the things that pique my interest.

So thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my site. I’m working on making this a truly unique place (just like me) where I can share my own work, experiences, and promote my books as they are released.